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The starting point for any financial undertaking is understanding your position. This is something that BFG can and will assist you with.

For example, credit reports. We all know about them but do we really understand what they mean and how they can impact our financial lives?

BFG, with your assistance, will look at your report prior to making any mortgage application. This will help and inform both parties to either press ahead or to outline ways your position can be improved. This is done in a safe, non judgemental way so please do not worry, we are on your side and here to help.

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Since 1987 our sole purpose has been to bring together our Armed Forces clientele and lenders to provide the right mortgage for you.

We are often asked about the issues arising from BFPO addresses but this is nothing more than perception. The mortgages we attain for our Armed Services are tailored to overcome the usual problems you might have encountered

so talk to us first.


We really are experts in our field and have tailored our services for you.

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So all of this might seem rather overwhelming; assessing your financial position, mortgage applications, insurance's, the list goes on. When really all you want is to find your perfect home and move in.

Well that might be a little over optimistic but here's the thing, we will help you as much or as little as you want.

After 30 years, in the business, we know everyone involved in the process, as such we can put the whole package together, including the recommendation of professionals such as solicitors. Those whom we have formed good working relationships with and understand the needs of our clients.

When you become a BFG client we take care of you. Those aren't empty words, they are what we are about and how we have been doing this for so long. So relax, find your new home and become part of the family.

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