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The key to the door is not as far away as you might be thinking. Perhaps you just don't know what to think as there is a such a jumble of information. That the pathway seems littered with obstacles such as BFPO addresses and the like.


You may have already gone through a traditional mortgage application process and been turned down and maybe that has left you feeling that there is little hope.

BFG mortgages has a long and successful history in attaining the right mortgage for our Armed Forces. Why? Well it's all we do. It really is, we don't dabble in the non-military market, this is it. As such we have brokered lending deals specific to you and your circumstances to ensure the perceived hurdles no longer exist.

We will work with you to pull all of the elements together; financial understanding, Help to Buy options,  Re-mortgage choices, lending applications, insurance requirements, professional services and financial planning. That's it. So what are you waiting for?

Get in contact and let us do the rest.

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