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We often find a reluctance to ask a question for a myriad of reasons. Below are the most common type but if you don't see the question, just ask. We're here to help so please, don't ever think it's a stupid question, it never is, just ask.

Q1. I recently applied for a mortgage and was turned down how can you help?

A1. The first thing you need to do is get in touch. We can look at your current situation and discuss your recent application. Once we know the background we will be in a better position to assess the matter and move forward. For instance if your application was made through a non specialist brokerage or lender the result would not be uncommon. Either way, by getting in contact with us we can ascertain all factors and provide the specialist advice you require.

Q2. I keep hearing about various offers for Help to Buy but what's the catch?

A2. There isn't any. Of course there is a qualifying criteria but the first thing to do is to take a look at our Help To Buy page, this might answer your initial questions. Then get in contact. We will start at the beginning and take you through the process and thoroughly explain what is involved.

Q3. I've found the perfect house and want to move quickly, what next?

A3. Contact us immediately. The process is not as daunting as you might imagine and we can put together a whole package; mortgage, legal services, life assurance, financial planning, the lot. So get in contact now and you'll be one step closer to moving in.


Q4. I have found a broker but they want a fee for processing my application which I'm not sure will be successful. What should I do?

A4. It's up to you but if you would prefer to know the real likelihood of success, then you need to understand your credit report. We can do this before processing any application, with no cost to you. If you then decide to apply for a mortgage through BFG, again there is no fee. Get in contact to see how we can help. 

Q5. I'm not a first time buyer but came off the property ladder a few years ago. Are you able to advise and am I eligible for help?

A5. No problem. Circumstances are always changing. When you get in contact, we will see what is available by way of assistance to buy and offer you a comprehensive scope of options, tailored to your circumstance.

Remember, when it comes to figuring out your next financial step there are no questions that shouldn't be asked, so do not hesitate to make contact and get answers.

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